Diversitech 1 Gal. Triple-D Universal Condenser and Evaporator Coil Cleaner

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Triple-D is the ultimate universal coil cleaner that can be used on condensers, evaporators, micro-channels, roof-top units and mini-split applications. The triple active synergistic highly effective solution is formulated to remove a board range. Diversitech Corporation is North Americas largest manufacturer of equipment pads and a leading manufacturer and supplier of components and related products for multiple industries, including: HVACR, electrical, consumer hardware retail, electrical utility, automotive retail and pool and spa channel. Diversitech mission for its wholesaler partners is to simplify their work. We do this by offering more than 200 product categories all from a single manufacturing/supplier source to create product availability and supply chain cost advantages for our customers in every market we serve. We also leverage best-in-class customer service to react quickly and professionally to every customer request.

  • Unique inhibitor of triple-D prevents the attack of aluminum coil components
  • Metal safe feature of triple-D prevents corrosion and is non-foaming, which makes triple-D the ideal cleaner for micro channel coils and other sensitive equipment
  • Non-toxic product and is manufactured from chemicals that break down naturally in the environment
  • Has a lower cost per mixed gallon against most coil cleaners due to its 6:1 dilution ratio, making 7 Gal. of usable product per gallon of concentrate
  • Universal coil cleaner and can be used for both indoor and outdoor coils
  • Contains a unique inhibitor that allows for a very strong non-acid formulation that effectively cleans coils
  • Has been assured to be safe as a cleaner in restaurants, hospitals, government institutions and for food preparation areas
  • Does not damage engineered polymeric or rubber roofing
  • Triple-D is biodegradable, NSF approved and available in seven different packaging configurations